Download casinos

Download casinos are the grandfather of the online casino world. The traditional online casino experience involves downloading a .exe file from a website to your hard-drive, and installing bespoke casino software onto your computer. This kind of casino is still very popular with players around the world. It offers a satisfying playing experience with little lag, slow-down or requirement for lightning fast broadband.

Players who use downloaded software often remain loyal to a single casino for many years. Many will not update their software regularly and will be less inclined to be tempted to change casino by big bonus offers or new technology. These players often value the consistency of experience, the customer service, the trusted payment and deposit mechanisms and other factors above having the latest games and multi device compatibility.

Pros – The games will play fast and smooth and you don’t need a lightning fast internet connection.

Cons – You have to download and install the software. The risk of software problems, or of annoying pop-ups and ‘malware’ is very real…so only download from recognised licensed casinos.

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