Online Casino Player’s Guide

Online Casino Player is written by someone who has played slot machines extensively, and in that time I have won and lost a lot of money!

Slot machines can be one of the most varied, fast paced and enjoyable experiences on offer to the intrepid gambler, giving the player the chance to claim huge jackpot rewards. In 2003 one press of a button earned a 25yr old software engineer a cool $40m. Got your interest yet?

Don’t be fooled though, slot machines or one armed bandits as they are often called, can if you’re not careful; rob you of your hard earned bankroll before you have finished your first beer. There’s a reason most casino floors are taken up by these machines!

My aim with this guide is to help you avoid the pitfalls and through simple strategies help you improve your odds in “Beating the bandits”.

Key Principles of slot machines:

Where to play?

Online casinos are not all the same! Sadly some of them have restrictive terms and conditions, or long-standing issues with customer service that make them less than attractive places to spend your money.

We recommend the casinos below. Note that we have affiliate agreements with these casinos which means that we receive a fee from them for sending new players their way. It also means that we can help should you ever encounter any issues, but it is unlikely at these trusted sites. We have tried to offer a choice for those who enjoy the three main software providers – MicroGaming, NetEnt and Playtech.